Looking for an easy side job that will let you make a nice additional income? If so, you need to give survey taking a shot. Online survey taking is easy, convenient and can be profitable if you go about it the right way. Keep reading and I will tell you how to get started with this great side job.

Step 1: Register With Legit Survey Websites
Many people fail in this business because they simply choose the wrong websites to work with. There are scam websites out there but they are easy to avoid if you know what a legit site looks like. In short, do not pay for access to a website and if a website is cluttered with ads, move on. Below are a couple of examples of legitimate survey websites. Choose those like them.

Vindale Research Review products, take surveys and even keep some of the products that you review. Earn up to $100 per survey. Over 5 million has been paid out.

* SwagBucks One of the biggest and most respected online survey companies. They have a large inventory of surveys that you can take and they let you earn in many other ways. You can take surveys, watch videos, surf the internet, etc. They have a way to monetize just about everything you do online.

Step 2: Get Organized
Once you have registered for your survey websites, get your information organized. Store your passwords in your browser and keep them in a separate folder. This will let you get to work quickly by just opening up all of your websites in tabs.

Step 3: Start Working
Once you get organized, get to work. Try to eliminate as many distractions as you can so that you will be more efficient. If you find you work better with silence, turn off the television or radio. Also resist the urge to play on Facebook while online, that can be a real time waster. The more you can concentrate, the faster you will be and the more money you will make.

Step 4: Keep At It
You will find that the more surveys you take, the faster you get. You will eventually learn to anticipate what they are asking. This will allow you to skim questions and read less of the survey, which will greatly speed up your time. It is not unrealistic for you to be able to double your speed in just a week or two.

Survey Side Job Tips

  • Eliminate Distractions
    When working, try to eliminate other distractions like television and Facebook. The more you concentrate, the quicker you make money.
  • Cash Out Frequently
    No point in letting your money build in their accounts, cash out as soon as you can. This protects you in case anything ever goes wrong with the survey site.
  • Sign Up For Multiple Sites
    The more website you have in your pocket, the more surveys you have to choose from. This lets you cherry pick the top paying ones.

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