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Earn money participating in paid focus groups and discussion panels. Companies need your opinions and they will pay you up to $200 for a single research project.

How does it work?
Simple, you get your name on company databases and ,once called, you will complete most projects at the market research company offices. Most groups consist of 6 to 10 people and you will typically be filmed or at least monitored during the survey. It is fun work that is rewarding.

Here us our list of some of the best market research job opportunities.

  1. Vindale Research
    Start right away with this company that specializes in national brands
    243 5th Ave #541,
    New York, NY 10016
  2. Swag Bucks
    Founded in 2008, Swagbucks is a leader in online research.
    P.O. Box 70
    Manhattan Beach, CA 90267
  3. Focuscope
    Creativity focused market research firm.
    515 N State St #1920
    Chicago, IL 60610
  4. P & K Research
    A long history of solid work since 1957.
    6323 N. Avondale Avenue #211
    Chicago, IL 60631
  5. MForce Research
    Now accepting participant applications.
    4043 N Ravenswood Ave #301
    Chicago, IL 60613
  6. Adler-Weiner Research
    Over 50 years of research experience at multiple nationwide locations.
    875 Michigan Avenue #3260
    Chicago, IL 60611
  7. Fieldwork Chicago
    Large research facility in the Chicago suburbs.
    8420 W Bryn Mawr Ave # 200
    Chicago, IL 60631
  8. Focus Pointe Chicago
    The dependability of a national company.
    645 N Michigan Ave #600
    Chicago, IL 60611
  9. Smith Research
    A wide variety of services catering to individual customers.
    2947, 150 E Huron St
    Chicago, IL 60611

More On Chicago Focus Groups

Focus groups and discussion panels are fun to do and can be financially rewarding. As long as you go into this opportunity with reasonable expectations, you should be satisfied with the results. Here is what you need to know.

  1. You will make nice supplemental income but these jobs will never take the place of a full time job.
  2. Online work is good work. It pays a bit less but it is plentiful, easy to do, can be done anywhere and pays quickly.
  3. Take all opportunities. Do not put your eggs in one basket. Sign up for every database that you can.
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