These days you got to have a good side hustle job. A job that will let you earn some extra money when you need it. The ideal side hustle job will be one that you can do whenever you want and one that pays well. This pretty much rules out most part time work so you are left with two good choices. You can drive for Uber and make some extra cash while wearing down your car and risking getting robbed. Or, you can do some online survey work and make money whenever and wherever you want. Got a smart phone or computer, your hired! Here is what you need to do to get started.

Step 1: Register With Survey Websites
Simple enough but many a potential survey taker has had their plans derailed by signing up for scam survey websites. The trick is choosing the correct websites, ones that actually pay. In short, never pay for access to a website and avoid those loaded with advertisements. Look for legitimate sites like the ones below. They actually pay and they will not spam you.

Vindale Research Review products, take surveys and even keep some of the products that you review. Earn up to $100 per survey. Over 5 million has been paid out.

* SwagBucks One of the biggest and most respected online survey companies. They have a large inventory of surveys that you can take and they let you earn in many other ways. You can take surveys, watch videos, surf the internet, etc. They have a way to monetize just about everything you do online.

Step 2: Get Organized
Organize your survey websites into a browser folder. This will allow you to open everything up at once when it is tie to go to work.

Step 3: Start Working
Now, get started. Pick the highest paying surveys first and work your way down. Most survey websites will give you an estimated time as well so take this into consideration when choosing a survey. You’d rather work five minutes to make $5 than twenty minutes to earn $10.

Step 4: Keep At It
Keep at your surveys and you will soon be able to double your speed. Learn some tricks like skimming where you will be able to anticipate what they are asking. Before you know it, you will be doing dozens of surveys in a sitting like it’s no big deal.

Survey Side Hustle Tips

  • Eliminate Distractions
    When working, try to eliminate other distractions like television and Facebook. The more you concentrate, the quicker you make money.
  • Cash Out Often
    No point in letting your money build in there accounts, cash out as soon as you can.
  • Sign Up For Multiple Sites
    The more website you have in your pocket, the more surveys you have to choose from. This lets you cherry pick the top paying ones.

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