Get Paid For Online Surveys

Welcome to Big Dog Surveys where we teach you how to make money online by taking paid surveys. Yes, you can truly make money with surveys if you follow a few easy steps.

How To Get Paid For Surveys

Paid For Online SurveysFirst….. you need to set your expectations correctly. There are many websites out there that want to tell you that you can make thousands of dollars a month taking surveys. This is just not true, survey taking will never make you a full time income no matter what anyone says. The people and websites telling you that are usually trying to scam you or just make a dollar off of your back. A realistic goal is closer to $200 to $800 a month . It will not make you rich but it can make you a nice supplemental income. And, since you can do it anytime you want, it is perhaps one of the best part time jobs ever.

Now Get Started….. by first putting together a list of good survey websites. The more websites that you have, the more resources you have to pull from. It will allow you to visit multiple sites and pick the highest paying surveys first, thus making you the most money per hour. Be careful what websites you choose though. Not all of them are created equally.

Registering for the survey sites should be easy. If you find one that is difficult, that is your clue to move on. Most websites will let you register with little more than your email address and a password. Once registered, you will need to confirm your email address and then possibly fill out a profile. Profiles are often optional but they can help you get matched to better surveys so if you skip it now, try to come back to it later.

Now Get Organized….. by putting your websites into their own folder in your browser and saving all the passwords. This will allow you to open up all of your websites at once in tabs. Then you can go from site to site, making the most of your time.

Now Take Care of the Details….. by filling out all of your profiles. This is a bit tedious at first but it will allow you to be matched to better surveys. If the surveys that you get are more interesting to you and relate more to you, they will be more interesting. This will make your work more enjoyable and will let you get through it faster.  Also be sure to check your email and click on any confirmation links that the websites have sent you. You will not get paid and may not receive any good surveys until you do this.

Now Get To It….. and start filling out surveys and earning money. You might find that you are a bit slow at first but with practice comes speed. You will soon learn to skim the questions because you will be able to anticipate what they are asking. Just be careful of trick questions that are there to make sure you are paying attention. Practice, practice, practice and you should be able to double or triple your speed in no time.

More About Paid Surveys Online

In the past, online surveys have gotten a bad reputation. This is usually because people have chosen the wrong websites to work with or they have set their expectations entirely too high. For you to have success, you need to go into the business the right way.

For starters, you should choose the right websites. This is not hard to do if you realize what the bad websites are doing. The bad websites just want to advertise to you or charge you admission. You are in it to get paid, not to pay out money. If a credit card is involved at the sign up process, move on. In addition, if a website has any paid advertisements on it, you can rest assure that surveys are not their main goal. A good website will get right to the point. They will ask you your name, a few details and will ask you for your email address. Confirm the email address when they send you a confirmation email and you should be ready to go.  If you can not get started making money in five minutes or less, it is not a good website for you.

Next, you need to set your expectations right for what you will get paid online. If you think you will be able to eventually replace your full time job, you are wrong and you will be greatly disappointed. If, however, you go in knowing that you can make $200 to $500 a month in additional income you will be happy with your experience. The more work that you do, the more you will make but it is just not possible to make thousands of dollars a month and there are very few surveys that pay more than a few dollars a piece.

The Key To Online Paid Surveys

So, if you can only make a few dollars a survey, how can you make any real money? Simple, volume. By having lots of survey websites to pull work from, you can do dozens of surveys in a single sitting. You just need to practice and be organized. You will find that your speed will greatly increase the more you do this work. You will learn to anticipate the questions being asked and to even skim questions. This will greatly increase your speed and in no time, a survey that might have taken you 10 minutes to complete can be finished in 5.  So the key is to be patient, practice and keep at it.