Paid Survey Websites Without Paypal

If you are looking to take paid surveys without PayPal, for whatever reason, we can help. PayPal makes it easy to get money online but it is not for everyone. Here are a few websites that you might find interesting.

Our Top Pick [Updated May 2020]
  • Survey Junkie Survey Junkie is one of the most trusted names in the survey industry with a community of over 10 million strong. Get paid to make a real difference influencing the products of tomorrow.

All of the above websites have different payment options that can allow you to bypass the need for PayPal.

Taking a paper survey without PayPal

Why Surveys Without PayPal

People have many reasons to avoid PayPal and some of them are better than others. Here are s afew of the most common ones that we have found.

1. They Have Been Banned

Not everyone has had luck staying within the good graces of this company. Sometimes, you can actually get banned from using the service and sometimes that can even come with the confiscation of funds in the account.

That is a hard blow to take and, even if PayPal were to allow you to come back, most would not. Trust is a hard thing to earn back so if a user has been banned in the past from this service, they are very unlikely to want to give it another go, especially if they feel they did nothing wrong.

2. They Don’t Like Bureaucracy

PayPal is a huge global company with thousands of employees. As such, they can be difficult to deal with. If there is a dispute of any kind, you can rest assured that you will be dealing with a lot of time on hold or back and forth emails. It seems like the bigger a company gets, the worse the customer service gets. This is almost always the case and it is understandable.

Take a mom and pop business. There is little separation or levels between the person in charge and the customer. That usually translates into fantastic customer service.

Now take that big global company. There is a huge separation between those in charge and those doing the day to day work. The result, in most cases, is that nobody cares.

3. They Don’t Like Middlemen

When you take surveys online, you probably jut want to get paid. Why not get paid directly instead of going through another party like PayPal?

It makes sense. Adding another party to a transaction can only have negative effects. It slows thing down and introduces more possibility of error.

How To Get Paid Without PayPal

You may have several options to get paid without the use of PayPal.

Downloadable Cards

The most common way to get paid without the use of PayPal is to get paid in gift cards. Most paid survey companies allow you to earn points. You then exchange those points for gift cards for places that you use all of the time. There will, in most cases, be hundreds of places that you can choose from.

No, this is not cash but it is the second best thing. You can get the cards for places that you commonly frequent like Walmart and use them there. You can then save your actual cold hard cash money to use wherever else you like.


A few, but not many, survey companies may allow you to receive money via a check or electronic transfer. This is very rare however and if you find one that still allows you to do this, we would love to know about it.

But why don’t more companies offer payment via check? Every company has their own reasoning but I would suspect it has something to do with money that they receive from the gift cards. That gift card might have a face value of 20 dollars, but that is probably not what they paid for it. They can probably use their buying power to get it for a few percent less than face value.

If they get the cards for less than face value, it means that they are saving money on payouts by using them instead of paying by checks.

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Make PayPal Money Online Fast

Cash from PayPal on a computer screen.

PayPal has been the go to online currency for years, so when you think about making money online, it stands to reason that you think about PayPal. It is truly one of the most secure ways to send and receive money. But what happens when your account runs dry and there is nothing in your linked checking account to fill it? Well, it is time to make some PayPal cash online of course.

Below you will find some of the easiest ways to get that cash in your account. Enjoy.

Get PayPal For Survey Taking

You may have been there and done that with surveys, but it really is possible to make money with surveys and many pay in PayPal bucks or PayPal gift cards which are the same thing. The trick is choosing the good websites because they are not all created equally.

We like Swagbucks and Survey Junkie. Both have been around for ages and Swagbucks will even give you money just for signing up. Both of these websites are free so you might as well join them both.

Go to Swagbucks now.

Go to Survey Junkie now.

Will you make a thousand dollars a day taking surveys? No, of course not but you can make a nice supplemental income to stock that PayPal account of yours. Here are a few tips to making the most of survey work.

  • Use a real email address.
    I know you do not want to get spammed, but if you use legit sites like the ones above, you won’t. In addition, while you might be able to get access to the websites with a fake email address, you will not be able to get paid until you confirm your email.
  • Sign up for many websites.
    The more websites that you join, the more choices of surveys that you have. Not all surveys pay the same, so if you can go to multiple sites, you can cherry pick all of the top paying ones.
  • Be as consistent as possible.
    If you want to make PayPal money and keep that account full, you need to be consistent with your survey work. Set aside a little time each day to do them. It doesn’t have to be much, just 3o minutes a day will do.
  • Fill out your profile.
    To get access to some of the best surveys, you need to fill out that profile. It will let the websites pick surveys for you that not only make you more money but that might be a bit more interesting. Make as much as $20 PayPal per survey when you provide the right demographics.

Get PayPal For Selling Stuff

When you sell online, you can choose to get paid with PayPal cash deposited directly into your account. This is the preferred payment method on many websites such as eBay. If you need some money, why not look around your hoe and see what items you have wasting away. Surely there is something of value and it is free to list things on eBay, it only costs you when you sell.

If you need money in a hurry, choose popular items and list them at a low price as a “buy it now” listing. Some great items to sell include video games, blu ray disks, tools and jewelry. All of these are things that sell rather quickly.

If you do not want to deal with eBay and all of their fees, you can still sell some stuff online. If you have old cellular phones or smart devices, consider selling them with Gazelle and getting PayPal. Just visit the Gazelle website and tell them what you have. They will make you an offer and if you accept, you simply ship it to them at their cost. Once they receive it, they can pay you with PayPal directly to your account.

Other Ways To Get PayPal

The above ways are the easiest and fastest ways to start earning money for your PayPal account. Paid surveys and eBay are proven money makers but they man not fit everyone’s needs. Here are a few more options that might take a bit more time.

  • Sell services on Fiverr.
    Sell your web design or other services online.
  • Create a PayPal donate link.
    Do good deeds online and ask for tips.
  • Make PayPal with an app.
    Dozens of apps like IBotta pay you
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Make PayPal Money Online Fast

Ready to start making some PayPal money online? Perfect, we have a great way to do just that and the amount of money that you make is up to you. Make a little or a lot depending on how much time you put into it.

The way that you are going to make this money is with paid surveys. Now, you may have tried the survey thing before and gotten the run around but that was probably your fault. You probably chose the wrong website.

The website that we are urging you to try today has a huge following, a long track record and is completely free to join. That website is Survey Junkie.

Ready to start earning that PayPal? Let’s get started.

Get Started Quick

If you have been around and do not need any hand holding, you can get started right away. Just sign up for the website, confirm your email and get to completing surveys that you can earn points on. Points that you will then exchange for PayPal gift cards that are as good as cash. Little tip though, it really does help to complete your profile over there.

Get started with Survey Junkie.

The Step By Step

If you want to know exactly how to get things done, no problem, that is what we are here for. Here are step by step instructions on how to make PayPal money online fast.

PayPal screen you will see after you earn PayPal money.

1. Decide On An Email Address

Most people just use their regular email but if you are nervous about getting spammed, it might pay to get a free gmail account. If you stick to the major websites like Survey Junkie, they have easy opt out policies but it pays to use caution sometimes. If you have had the same email addy for 15 years, it is perfectly reasonable to want to protect it.

Do make sure that the email that you use is easy to access. You will need to first confirm your email and then periodically check it for offers and special surveys.

2. Register With Your Survey Website

In this case, you will be registering with Survey Junkie. There are others that you can also use such as Inbox Dollars or Swagbucks, but start with this one first and when you get the hang of things, start adding other good websites into the mix.

You can sign up at Survey Junkie here.

By sticking to just one website, you will figure out what a legit website looks like so that you can spot the good ones later on and not waste your time on ones that just want to con you.

3. Confirm Your Email

Yes, it is necessary. This is how they make sure that you are real and not just a robot. This is why I said that you should choose an email that is accessible as well. All that you need to do is click on a link that they send you and you will be all good.

4. Complete Your Survey Profile

You do not have to do this to get started earning PayPal but I suggest that you at least double back and do it later. A completed survey will do two things for you.

First, it could make you eligible for more surveys, surveys that are not available to the average member.

Second, it can help the website match you to surveys that you are actually interested in. Survey taking can get a bit monotonous but if you actually have an interest in the subject, the time passes by much quicker.

5. Pick Surveys To Complete

Now comes the part where you can actually start earning some PayPal money. Start picking some surveys to complete and just get to it.

To make the most of your time, simply take the payout and divide it by the estimated time of completion. That will tell you how many points you can make per minute. Choose the highest paying ones and be more efficient. The highest paying ones often take so long that you earn less than you would doing a bunch of little ones.

6. Cash Out

When you have enough money to cash out, do it. There is no point in storing your points on the website, they are not earning interest. As soon as you meet the minimum payout, get your PayPal cards.

That is it, now just keep going about the business of making PayPal money online. This is a highly repeatable model that you can use to get PayPal money each and every month.

Keep in mind that you are not going to get rich doing surveys but yo can make a nice side income if you just take it for what it is. A way to make a few bucks during your downtime.

Thanks for listening. Have fun making that PayPal money.

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How To Earn PayPal Money Fast

Ready to start earning money and stop wasting your time online searching? Great. Well we are not going to waste your time. Let’s get right to the point so you can make money today.

Step 1. Sign Up For A FREE Survey Account

We like Survey Junkie because they have been around the block for a long time and they have an extensive community. You want a large survey website because they are far more likely to attract the attention of major companies and that means more money per survey and more PayPal money in your pocket.  You can sign up for Survey Junkie here.

Step 2. Log In To Your Account

Simply confirm your email and login to your account and start completing surveys. A little tip, complete your profile as well so you get matched to more of them.

Step 3. Redeem Your Points

Once you have enough points to get the amount of money that you need, cash out and redeem them for PayPal gift cards. That is it, now you have $20, $30 even $50 in PayPal money and you did it all online.

Money falling from PayPal earnings.


About PayPal Money

PayPal is one of the oldest ways to accept and send money online. Because of this, it is probably also one of the most accepted. No wonder that you want to earn money in PayPal cash because it is as good as real cash.

So, what can you do with your money? You can, of course, spend it online at just about every retailer on the internet. You can also link up your personal bank account and transfer money from your PayPal to it. Then you have actual money.

The great thing about this type of payment is that it is the best way to get around the survey point system. Survey websites almost exclusively pay you in points which they want you to then use to purchase gift cards. They probably get a little kickback on the gift cards which is why they want you to use them.

With PayPal, you can get your money and not be told where you have to spend it. This is the only way that I would accept payment from a survey website.

About Survey Taking

Survey taking, you either love it or hate it. There is no denying that you can make money from it though. The real question however, is how much money can you make from it. Some will say you can make nothing and some say that you can make thousands.

To be truthful, the answer lies somewhere in between. You will never make thousands of dollars taking surveys, it is just not going to happen. You can however make a nice side income. Don’t devote time just to surveys but if you have extra time and are just sitting on the bus or watching television, you might as well be earning some cash, PayPal cash.

Here are some of the tricks that you need to know to make the most of your opportunities.

  1. Complete That Profile
    This is important to all but especially if you belong to a unique demographic. The more information you meet, the more surveys that you might get matched to and the more you can make. If nothing else, it can match you to surveys that might interest you more and that will make them easier to do.
  2. You Get Out Of It What You Put In
    The more time that you spend on surveys, the more PayPal money you will make. Plain and simple, you get out what you put in. This is not to say that you should take time away from your regular job or family to do surveys but whenever you are bored or have downtime, why not log in.
  3. Learn To Skim
    Learning to skim questions will help you complete them faster. After awhile, you will develop a knack for it. Just watch out for trick questions inserted to make sure that you are paying attention. They usually ask you to enter a certain answer to verify you read the question.
  4. List The Stuff You Use
    This might sound confusing but you will get it once you begin. When they ask you if you use certain products, list all of the ones you use, do not be lazy. It might just be that you get disqualified from a survey because you do not use a certain product.
  5. Do The Math
    When choosing surveys to do first, do the math. Take the point reward and divide it by the estimated minutes to complete. Do the ones that are more profitable per minute to maximize your return.

Overall, survey taking is not a bad way to earn some PayPal cash. It certainly will not make you rich but as far as side hustles go, it isn’t that bad. Just don’t devote time to it that could be spent on more productive activities. This is a downtime activity only.

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