Free Cold Stone Creamery Gift Cards

The Cold Stone Creamery is one of my favorite places to go. I don’t always go there though because they can be a bit pricey. That is why the best time to go is when it is free and you can make it free with this little trick to get you a free Cold Stone Creamery gift card. It just takes a few minutes of your time to get going. Here is what you need to do.

1.Get a free email account. (Optional)
The website that I will direct you to, Swagbucks, does not spam so you can really get by using your normal email account. If you are at all skeptical though, go ahead and pick up a free Google account to use.

2. Register at SwagBucks
Once you have figured out which email to use, you can sign up with Swagbucks. They make it extremely easy to earn points that go towards gift cards. You can simply take a few surveys and earn points fast or you can surf the internet, play games or watch videos. All of the stuff that you do for free online, they pay you to do.
Click Here To Sign Up With SwagBucks

3. Confirm your email.
You can start taking surveys and earning points right away, but to get paid you need to confirm your email address. So, use a real address and take a second to confirm yourself.

4. Start earning points.
Now that you are setup, you can start earning your points and building up to the gift card amount that you want. Keep going until you have the amount that you need to get a free visit. And, the best thing is that you can come back to the website again and again whenever you want to go out for free.

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