Letting it Ride!

Are you getting into the business and starting to build up some good points? If so, it might seem like a good idea to, “let it ride”. Why not just save up your points for a bigger gift card or cash reward. After all, who likes spending all of those little giftcards? Seems like a good idea, but you could be making a huge mistake. Keep reading and find out why you should never, “let it  ride” with paid surveys.

1. It does not benefit you financially.
There is absolutely no financial benefit to you leaving your points in your survey account. The only one that it benefits is the survey company because they get to hold on to their money longer.

2. The company could go out of business.
Companies go out of business all the time and guess what, so do survey companies. What would happen if that great survey website filed bankruptcy tomorrow? You would be out all of the money that you earned.

3. You could get banned.
It happens, survey takers and websites get into disagreements. Usually this is from the user doing something sketchy, but you could inadvertantley run afoul of the survey website’s Terms Of Service. If this happens, they will ban you and keep all of your money. If you have a lot of money in your account, they may be even more motivated to ban you.

4. You could get hacked.
With all of the keyloggers and spyware programs out there, it is not that unlikely that you could get hacked. If this happens, the hacker could simply steal your points or could do something to get your account banned. Either way, you lose.

As you can see, there is no real reason to save your points. At the very most, I would save up $10 worth of points at a time. You may have to deal with multiple gift cards, but you will not lose everything.

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