Paid Survey Jobs

Making money taking surveys is easy if you know where to start. Here is our list of the best survey websites to start with. Start earning money immediately.

  • SwagBucks There are a lot of different ways to earn points with Swagbucks. In addition to making money from surveys, you can earn for just doing the things you do every day, like surfing the internet or watching videos. They even offer a $5 bonus just for signing up.
  • Vindale Research ┬áReview products, take surveys and even keep some of the products that you review. Earn up to $100 per survey. Over 5 million has been paid out by this company.

About Online Surveys

Online surveys get a bad wrap, but this is because people go about things the wrong way. They choose the wrong websites and they go about things in an unorganized way. If you want to make money with online surveys, you need to treat survey taking just like any other job. When you take your surveys, you need to concentrate and eliminate other distractions that can harm your productivity. With practice and concentration, a trained survey taker can knock out dozens of surveys in short order, and that is where the money is. Volume is the key to making money with online surveys.

In order to maintain this volume, you also have to have a good list from which to pull your survey work. What good is concentration if you run out of surveys in a half hour. Your list of survey websites is your key to success. Every good survey taker has a list of survey websites that they turn to pull work from. You should create a killer list and always be adding to it. Never be afraid to try a new website, because you never know, that new website could end up being your best source for high paying jobs.