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Paid Survey Taking Tips

Looking to get the most out of your paid survey time? Great, there are definitely some things that you need to know in order to make the most money possible. Here are some easy to implement paid survey taking tips that you can use to maximize your hourly revenue.

1) Concentrate

Yes, you can certainly do surveys on the couch while watching television. That is one of the greatest things about this type of work, the ability to do it anywhere and at any time.

Unfortunately, there is a down side to watching television while taking surveys, you can not concentrate. Lack of concentration can cause some problems and cause a drop in hourly revenue.

If you are not concentrating, your time will suffer while taking surveys. A survey that you might have been able to do in 5 minutes, might take you 10 minutes. Even worse, if you are not paying attention, you could slip and fall for a trick question. Companies put trick questions into surveys to make sure you are paying attention. Answer wrong and you could get kicked from a survey, costing you time and money.

To maximize your income, try to do your surveys in a place that you can concentrate with limited distractions. That will allow you to focus and power through the work.

2) Choose Wisely

Not all surveys are created equally. Some will pay you far more money for your time. Your job is to pick the right ones. Do not assume that the highest paying surveys are the ones that you should target.

Luckily, most survey websites, like Swagbucks, will tell you the reward and the estimated time of completion. Take the reward and divide it by the minutes to get your per minute payout. You will probably find that taking a bunch of lower paying surveys will actually make you more money. Larger payout surveys generally do not pay as much per minute.

Another down side to those large and lengthy surveys is the risk of getting kicked. Have an internet problem or answer a “test” question incorrectly and all of your work could be lost. In general, short and sweet is usually the best way to go when choosing surveys to take.

3) Use Multiple Websites

Once you start survey taking, you will quickly notice that there are only a few really good paid surveys to take. These are surveys that take just a few minutes with relatively high rewards. You can still keep making money by taking lesser quality surveys but the rewards start tapering off.

To make the most of your work, you should try to use several websites. This will allow you to pick the best surveys from one site and then move on to another. You then choose the best surveys from that website and move on again. You can repeat this process again and again, only doing the best paying surveys.

4) Cash Out ASAP

There is no benefit in letting your points accumulate. 1000 points will get you $10 and 2000 points will get you $20. There are no bonuses for holding out and saving points.

Cash out as soon as you can to avoid losing money. Most legitimate websites have been around for years, but you just never know when some of these websites could fold. Cash out and assure yourself that you get paid for your time.

In addition, people have been known to have their accounts locked. They probably did something against the terms of the website, but why take the chance in your account getting locked because of a misunderstanding. Cash out as soon as you accumulate the minimum amount of points.

5) Don’t Invest Too Much Time

You will quickly notice that your most productive period in survey taking will be in the first 20 to 30 minutes. In that time, you can do the best paying surveys. After this time productivity drops off dramatically.

Do not fall for the trap of spending all day looking for yet another survey that will pay well. Get in and get out and then repeat the process every day or every few days.

Sure, you may be able to score a few more points and make more money but if your goal is a high hourly rate, limit your survey taking time. That is the best survey taking tip you can take away from this article.

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