Paid Survey Websites Without Paypal

If you are looking to take paid surveys without PayPal, for whatever reason, we can help. PayPal makes it easy to get money online but it is not for everyone. Here are a few websites that you might find interesting.

Our Top Pick [Updated November 2021]

  • Swagbucks Swagbucks is one of the most trusted names in paid surveys and they have a number of tools that can help you make money. Do paid surveys, watch videos and even play games and earn. They are also currently giving away sign up bonuses for new accounts.

All of the above websites have different payment options that can allow you to bypass the need for PayPal.

Taking a paper survey without PayPal

Why Surveys Without PayPal

People have many reasons to avoid PayPal and some of them are better than others. Here are s afew of the most common ones that we have found.

1. They Have Been Banned

Not everyone has had luck staying within the good graces of this company. Sometimes, you can actually get banned from using the service and sometimes that can even come with the confiscation of funds in the account.

That is a hard blow to take and, even if PayPal were to allow you to come back, most would not. Trust is a hard thing to earn back so if a user has been banned in the past from this service, they are very unlikely to want to give it another go, especially if they feel they did nothing wrong.

2. They Don’t Like Bureaucracy

PayPal is a huge global company with thousands of employees. As such, they can be difficult to deal with. If there is a dispute of any kind, you can rest assured that you will be dealing with a lot of time on hold or back and forth emails. It seems like the bigger a company gets, the worse the customer service gets. This is almost always the case and it is understandable.

Take a mom and pop business. There is little separation or levels between the person in charge and the customer. That usually translates into fantastic customer service.

Now take that big global company. There is a huge separation between those in charge and those doing the day to day work. The result, in most cases, is that nobody cares.

3. They Don’t Like Middlemen

When you take surveys online, you probably jut want to get paid. Why not get paid directly instead of going through another party like PayPal?

It makes sense. Adding another party to a transaction can only have negative effects. It slows thing down and introduces more possibility of error.

How To Get Paid Without PayPal

You may have several options to get paid without the use of PayPal.

Downloadable Cards

The most common way to get paid without the use of PayPal is to get paid in gift cards. Most paid survey companies allow you to earn points. You then exchange those points for gift cards for places that you use all of the time. There will, in most cases, be hundreds of places that you can choose from.

No, this is not cash but it is the second best thing. You can get the cards for places that you commonly frequent like Walmart and use them there. You can then save your actual cold hard cash money to use wherever else you like.


A few, but not many, survey companies may allow you to receive money via a check or electronic transfer. This is very rare however and if you find one that still allows you to do this, we would love to know about it.

But why don’t more companies offer payment via check? Every company has their own reasoning but I would suspect it has something to do with money that they receive from the gift cards. That gift card might have a face value of 20 dollars, but that is probably not what they paid for it. They can probably use their buying power to get it for a few percent less than face value.

If they get the cards for less than face value, it means that they are saving money on payouts by using them instead of paying by checks.

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