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Amarillo Paid StudiesIt can be hard to find a quality part time job in Amarillo. Most of them pay very little, are hard to get and involve odd hours. One exception to this is survey taking. Survey taking, both in person and online, can get you the money that you need without all of the pains of the average part time job. You can earn a great part time income while still being able to enjoy time with family and friend. Sound good. Take a few minutes and learn how you can get started with in person and online paid studies.

Local Studies

I am going to tell you how to do all types of surveys, but I will start with the in person work. Most often referred to as focus groups, these jobs are offered by local market research companies. The purpose of them is to gauge consumer interest and get opinions on upcoming products and services. Companies get the information that they need and they reward you well for your time. You can make anywhere from $25 to $100 for a single survey that may last for one to two hours on average. Because these jobs are interesting and they pay well, they are in high demand. This can make it very hard to get this type of work. Most people who take in person studies know somebody at the market research firm or have some other “in”. Because of this fact, we feel that you should try for this kind of work but you should not grow to depend on it. For reliable work, you should do online surveys, but we will get to that in a minute. To get started with local in person work, you need to first get your name on market research databases. Call as many as you can and ask to be added to their list. Unfortunately, there are not many in Amarillo. Here is one you can start with.

  • Circle Solutions
    (806) 414-6145

Online Studies

For reliable income, there is no beating online studies. There is a lot of work available and it just keeps coming. Now, they do pay less than in person studies but you can overcome this with simple volume. With a little practice and a good list of survey websites, you can easily do 5 to 10 surveys in an hour. Reach that mark and you will be making a good income. When combined with the occasional in person job, online work gives you a well rounded part time income. Reliable money with occasional big bonuses (focus groups). Ready to get started? Look at our list of top sites at the top.

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