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Earning With Paid Studies & Surveys

Atlanta Paid StudiesYes, you really can make money online. Paid surveys can provide you with the dream part time job that you have been looking for. You can do the work any time you want, any place you want and for as long as you choose. No other job in Atlanta can match it. Here is what you need to do to get started.

First, you need to choose some websites to work with. Have more than one website because this will allow you to choose the best paying surveys or studies on each website. We like the ones above but if you do not choose them, at least choose ones that are not geared strictly towards advertising to you and choose ones that are free to join. aid websites pretty much never work out.

Registering for the websites is easy. You just sign up and confirm your email address. You might be asked to complete a questionnaire but most of the time this is optional. That is it, you can now start earning money online.

When taking surveys be sure to choose the ones that pay the most first. You might think that the highest dollar survey on the page is where to start but it might not be. You need to consider the time involved and it might pay more to do several lower paying surveys in the same time or less as that big survey would take.

Work until you have reached your goal for the day and then cash out. If you have reached the payout threshold, cash out immediately. It does not pay to hold points r money in an account. In fact, you risk losing the points if something were to happen to the website or your account. So, check out often and early.

Earning With Paid Focus Groups

These days it seems like everyone needs some extra money to make ends meet or to buy some extra luxuries. Focus group work can be hard to get but if you can land a job, the additional income will be handy. They will never replace a full time income, but they can provide you with some much needed extra money. Survey and paid study taking is one of the easiest and most rewarding part time jobs around. If you want to make money in this business though, you got to know who to call. Here are some of the top companies in Atlanta providing survey and focus group work.

1. Jackson Research
Jackson Research has a huge facility in the Denver area and can take on any project, which of course means that they need survey takers and lots of them.
1180 Peachtree Street NE
Atlanta, GA 30309

2. MacConnel Research
A company involved in all forms of market research. They recruit survey takers in advance and from their mall location.
3393 Peachtree Rd. Suite 2038E
Atlanta, GA 30326

3. Superior Research
Superior Research is an award winning market research firm based in Atlanta. If you want to work with one of the best, get on their database.
3405 Piedmont Road, Suite 550
Atlanta, GA 30305

4. PVR Research Atlanta
This company makes it easy to apply to be a focus group panelist. A simple online application and you are on your way.
11445 Johns Creek Parkway
Duluth, GA 30097

5. Compass Surveys
Compass participates in many types of surveys and focus groups from food surveys to latino market research.
3725 Davinci CT Suite 100
Norcross, GA 30092

To get started with focus groups, you need to call as many of the local market research firms as you can. Ask to get added to their lists and then cross your fingers. There is no guarantee that you will get called and if you do not know someone on the inside or are not a part of a unique demographic, you may never get called.

If you do get the call, be sure to dress nicely and show up early. Treat it like a paid job interview and show them that they called the right person. This could potentially increase your odds of getting called back for another job.

As fas as the work goes, you will be required to show up at the group at a set time and then you and the others will be presented with a product. It could be a service, something for sale or even an advertising campaign. You will then be asked your opinions. Companies will use these opinions to make changes to the final product or service before it goes into full production. Expect to be recorded or observed live.

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