Ways To Make Extra Money In Austin

Looking to make a little extra cash on the side in Austin, TX? There are a ton of ways to make some extra money and many of them can be done on your computer. Ready to get started? Check out some solutions for your money problems below.

Take Surveys Online in Austin

Yes, you really can make money taking surveys and you can even earn money just for signing up. Swagbucks needs survey panelists so much that they will pay you $5 just for opening an account, which takes only about a minute. Once you join, you  can earn in a variety of ways. Earn by taking surveys, watching video clips, shopping, playing games and more. They pretty much allow you to earn from everything that you already do online.

Join Swagbucks Here.

How Do Surveys Work

Once you sign up for Swagbucks, you can normally go right to work although you might want to first confirm your email or take a short questionnaire. No big deal, this will take just a minute or two.

Now that all the registration stuff is over, go take some surveys and make some money. The time involved and the payout should be listed for each survey. Choose the ones that pay the most for the least amount of time and work down from there. Divide the payout by the minutes involved and do the highest amount first. Once you have reached the minimum cash out level, do so. No use saving points. Cash out often.

Drive Around Austin

Make money for shuttling people around Austin with Uber or Lyft. You can make a nice part time income driving for one of these companies. I believe Uber has the best name recognition but last time I checked Lyft was the one that allowed you to accept tips.

Either way, you can make money when you want it whenever you have free time. Just download their app, get approved and when you want to work, check yourself in.

Work For Survey Junkie

Austin Paid StudiesYes, another survey website but this one is good. It has a great track record and lots of surveys for you to choose from.

Paid online studies allow you to make money anytime you want to. You can do them from your computer, smart phone or tablet. They pay a bit less than focus groups in Austin but they have some definite advantages. The biggest advantage of doing this work online is that the work is consistent and reliable. Unlike focus groups where you can never know if you will get work, online studies are plentiful and they accept everyone. You could be taking surveys and earning money right now if you wanted.

Visit Survey Junkie Here

How Much Do Paid Studies Pay

This is the big question. How much can you make doing paid studies and surveys in Austin? Well, it depends on you. On average, you should expect to make anywhere from $100 to $400 a month. This depends on how much time you put into it. Of course, if you are good and put in the time you could make a great deal more. And, of course, if you do not put in the effort, you will make less.

This is not enough money to replace a full time job but it is a great part time income. Especially when you consider the time involved and ease of completing the work. No driving to work, no uniforms, no bosses. It is income on your terms. Where else can you find that in Austin.

Turn In Scrap Metal

If you have a truck, SUV or perhaps just a nice trailer, you can get paid to recycle. You can easily find metal discarded that can be recycled for cash. This is not limited to aluminum cans but also includes other kinds of scrap like copper and steel.

Check out CMC Recycling. They buy from companies and individuals alike. They even list current prices on their website and have two locations.

North Austin: 1704 Howard Lane
Austin, TX 78728

South Austin: 710 Industrial Blvd.
Austin, TX 78745

Join An Austin Focus Group

Austin focus groups pay right around $25 an hour but you will have to go to their office to take the survey or participate in a discussion group. They can be difficult to get accepted to but it is worth trying to get added to their database. If you are interested in focus groups,  the companies below are a good place to start.

In order to get started, you will need to call the companies and ask to be added to their database. If you are lucky, you will get the call to join a group. To increase your odds, if you are asked to compete a survey, take it seriously. Fill it out completely and accurately.

  • JKS Market Research
    2004 E 9th Street
    Austin, TX 78702
  • Tammadge Market Research
    210 Barton Springs Rd #515
    Austin, TX 78704
    (512) 474-1005
  • Think Group Austin
    6633 E Hwy 290 #201
    Austin, TX 78723
    (512) 637-6690

How Do Focus Groups Work?

If you get lucky enough to be chosen, the Austin market research company will contact you with a time and a place to show up. Do show up on time an dressed nicely. Once the group is ready, you will be shown a new product, service or advertising campaign to review. You will be asked for your opinion about it and those opinions will be used to make final changes to the product or service. Expect to be recorded and there may even be a live audience, probably behind a two way mirror.

Remember, to treat your first Austin focus group like an interview. How it goes may effect whether you get a call back. That is why you need to do several things. You need to dress professionally, you need to show up on time and you need to be engaged with the group. The market researchers are being judges by the companies hiring them as well so they want to give them a good product. Be a part of that good product and expect more work.

How Much Do Austin Focus Groups Pay?

This will vary quite a bit depending on what is being reviewed and the time involved. Expect to make anywhere form $30 to $100 for a single group. Not bad money. You might make more for longer groups and for those reviewing a unique product that might be for a smaller demographic. A focus group of doctors for example would be paid more.

The only catch with focus group money is that it is not consistent. You might get one group in a week and then get nothing for several months or maybe never again. Treat this money like a bonus and part of an overall paid study plan. The other part is online work which you will find more consistent and reliable.

In Conclusion

As you can see, there are a lo of ways to make money in Austin. Surveys are by far the easiest but it does not have to stop there. Of course, we are partial to surveys and I am here to give it to you straight about paid studies. A lot of websites like to tell you that you can quit your full time job and make a living online in Austin. This is just not the case. You can however make a steady and reliable part time income. Enough money to make ends meet, to perhaps buy your groceries every month or to allow you to go out to eat and enjoy your life more.

$100 to $500 a month is achievable and repeatable. Expect this amount of money and you should not be disappointed. What are you waiting for? Get started.

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  1. The thing I like about Swagbucks is that you can get paid to surf the internet too. Plus, before I buy something, I see if thee is an offer in Swagbucks. Often get paid to buy something that I was already going to get.

    • That is a lot of money to make from surveys. Is it possible? Sure Is it likely? Not really unless you develop a good system.

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