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  • Survey Junkie Survey Junkie is one of the most trusted names in the survey industry with a community of over 10 million strong. Get paid to make a real difference influencing the products of tomorrow.

About Bakersfield Survey Taking

Bakersfield Paid StudiesLooking for a job taking surveys in Bakersfield? Survey taking is a terrific way to make extra money and it can fit into just about any schedule. There are two main types of surveys, in person and online. We feel that they compliment each other and encourage our readers to do them both. Keep reading and learn what you need to know to get started in survey taking.

In Person Surveys

This is what most people want to do when they get into survey taking. There is good reason for this, because in person surveys or focus groups pay very well. They are also rather fun to take as long as you like large groups. The problem with this type of survey is that it does not fit into everyone’s schedule. You have to be at a certain place, at a certain time which could interfere with work and family commitments. In addition, this work is hard to get. This is why we suggest that you do it in addition to online work. There are a limited amount of jobs available and they tend to go to the Bakersfield market research company’s regulars. Try your best to get the work, but don’t depend on it. For the best chance, get your name on as many databases as you can. Start with these.

  • Buscher & Associates
  • Western Pacific Research

Online Surveys

Online survey taking will give you a steady and reliable source of income. We believe you should consider online surveys as your base and in person surveys as an occasional bonus. The great thing about online survey taking is that there are a whole lot of them and everyone will qualify. This means that you could be earning money in just a few minutes if you so desired. They do pay less, but this is made up with volume. If you are efficient and have a good list of survey websites, you could knock out a few dozen in short order. Want to give it a try? Check out our top website list at the top of this page when you are ready to get started.

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