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Current Top Paid Survey Websites [Updated January 2019]

  1. Survey Junkie
  2. MyPoints
  3. Swagbucks

More On Birmingham Survey Opportunities

Birmingham Paid StudiesWhen looking for a part time job in Birmingham, you have limited choices. Most jobs require you to spend hours away from your family and friends during the evening and prime time hours. They can put a burden on your family and social life that is hard to overcome. One exception to this is survey taking. Survey taking jobs in Birmingham can give you the money that you need without all of the usual time constraints. If you are thinking about getting into survey taking, we have some information that you need. Keep reading and learn how to get into the survey taking business.

In Person Surveys

When it comes to survey taking, you have in person work and online work. Both have their merits, but I will start with in person survey taking or focus groups. Focus groups are assembled by local Birmingham AL market research companies. They are formed to provide companies with consumer opinions on upcoming products, services or advertising campaigns. The great part about this work is that it pays well, over $25 an hour in many cases. The bad part is that this work requires you to go to their location at a certain time and it is hard to get. Because of the high pay, you often need to know someone or be a part of a unique demographic. This is not to say that you should not try for focus groups, just do not count on them for regular income. To get this type of work, you need to get your name on as many databases as possible. Here are some good ones to start with.

  • Marketry INC
  • TDM Research

Online Surveys

If you are in need of a steady and reliable extra income, online work is where it is at. The great thing about online survey taking is that there is a lot of work to go around. There is so much work available that just about anybody will qualify and they can do as much as they can handle. The only negative is that the pay, per survey, is less. This is easily made up for however with volume. All that you need to do is develop a good and efficient routine and form a solid list of legitimate survey websites to pull work from. With just a little practice, you will be doing 10 or 20 surveys in a single sitting and that will earn you a good extra income. That is why we feel that online survey taking is the key to survey success. Do the in person work for your bonus, but use the online work for your steady income. Ready to give it a try? Why not check out our top website list at the beginning of this page.

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