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Current Top Paid Survey Websites [Updated January 2019]

  1. Survey Junkie
  2. MyPoints
  3. Swagbucks

Survey Taking For Money

Boston Paid StudiesPaid surveys are a popular way to make extra money. A countless number of people have discovered that, through doing paid surveys, they can get the money that they need without burdening their schedule. If you are interested in paid surveys, we have the information that you need to get going. This article will talk about both in person and online surveys and the pros and cons of both. Most people ultimately earn the most from online work, so I will start there.

Online Survey Taking

Online surveys are put together by market research groups, but on a more national level. You will be reviewing products and services and you can do the surveys at your home, office, etc, at the time you want. This makes them far more convenient and makes them easy to fit into any schedule. The only real downside to online surveys in Boston is that they pay less than in person work. To make up for this, you need to use volume. If you are motivated, you can easily do dozens of surveys a day by developing a routine and a good list of survey websites.

If you are ready to get started right away with online work in Boston, we suggest you start with the quality ones at the top of the page. They are quality candidates because they have a history of paying, have been around for a long time, do not charge admission and are not there just to advertise to you. The quality of the websites that you choose can make or break you in this business so if you do not choose the ones above, try to choose similar ones that you can trust.  You should also always be looking for new websites to put into your pocket. Having a lot of websites to choose from allows you to pick the best paying surveys to do first, maximizing your returns.

In Person Boston Surveys

These are better known as discussion panels or groups and they are held at local Boston market research companies. In these discussion groups, you, along with other consumers, will talk about products, services, ad campaigns, etc. The good thing about these surveys is that they pay rather well, over $25 an hour in many cases. The bad thing is that you have to show up at a certain time, so they are less convenient. Discussion panels can also be hard to get because the competition is fierce and the amount of jobs is limited. Still, you should give it a shot. Put your name on market research databases. Here are some to get you on your way.

  • Bernett Research Services
  • Chadwick Martin Bailey

If you do get selected for a focus group in Boston, be sure to treat it like an interview. You will probably not get many of these jobs but if you can show that you are responsible and a good reviewer, you might get the call more often than others. To that end, show up on time, dress nicely and participate fully.

Boston Survey Alerts

  • Please be aware that you will not make a full time income taking paid surveys. A lot of websites are trying to lure people in with such false promises but it is just not true. Sure, you can make a nice part time or supplemental income, but it will never equal full time money. So, n, you will not be able to quit your day job no matter what a website promises. Also, no, online surveys will not pay you $100 or even $50 per survey. It is just not true and any website that claims this should be avoided.
  • Never pay for access to a website. You are getting into this business to make money, not to spend it so put away that credit card. Pay for access sites are almost never a good idea.

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