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Paid Studies in Ft Worth

A person taking a paid survey in Fort Worth TX.

About Paid Studies & Surveys

Research studies and surveys are a great way to make extra money in Ft Worth if you do it correctly. For the best success, we recommend a two pronged approach. You need to take advantage of occasional well paying focus groups while using online work to provide you a nice stable income.

Let’s get you started on the online work right away because you can get started immediately. All that you need is a few good websites to pull work from, just watch out for the scam sites. We like Survey Junkie as a good website to start with. You can join them here. You will see that they are pretty straightforward and they have a good reputation.

How Do Online Studies Work?

It is quite simple. You will need to sign up for the study or survey website and then confirm your email. Most will ask you to complete a questionnaire so that they can match you to specific surveys. Many of them will even pay you to complete the questionnaire.

Next, you will pick individual surveys to complete. Most of the time, you will be able to see the time that is expected to complete the survey and the reward for taking it. Most companies will pay you in points but these points are converted into cash or gift cards.

How Much Do Paid Studies Pay?

You will not get rich with study work but you can make a nice additional income. Most people in Fort Worth will make $100 to $400 a month in their part time. You can make more if you put in more effort and less if you do next to nothing at all.

The good thing about this money is that it is consistent. You can pretty much count on making the same amount of income every month. Use it to buy your groceries every month or to pay for your nights out.

Local Focus Groups

In most cases this will be a discussion group run by a local Fort Worth TX market research firm. These jobs pay well, typically around $25 an hour, but they are hard to come by. They also require you to take time out to come to their location. If you can get one of these survey jobs, you should accept it because of the good pay. The first step in the process is to call some local companies and find out about getting added to their list.

Below are a few good ones to get you started. If asked to complete a survey, do so and do so thoroughly. They will use this information to match you to focus groups.

  • C & C Market Research
  • CRG Test America
  • Databank Market Research
  • Delve
  • National Service Research

Participating In Ft Worth Focus Groups

If selected to participate, you will be expected to show up on location at a set time. Be early! Also be sure to be polite and dress nicely. Your performance at your first focus group may impact your ability to get more of this work. When they get started, they will show you a product, service or advertisement. You will be asked to give your opinion about it, expressing your likes and dislikes. You will be recorded and there might even be a live audience behind a one way mirror.

Earning Money With Focus Groups

So, how much can you make with focus groups in Fort Worth? Expect to make somewhere between $30 to $100 per session. The amount will depend greatly on the time involved and the uniqueness of your demographic. A group of doctors for example would probably demand a higher rate.

Getting started with paid market research.
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If you have thought about getting started making money online and locally with paid research studies, this article is a must read. Learn how to get started and what to expect.

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  1. I actually got to participate in a focus group. Was a lot of fun and good money. You are right though, I haven’t gotten another one since.

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