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Fresno Jobs In The Survey Industry

Fresno StudiesSurvey taking jobs are a great source of additional income that do not require huge time commitments. You can do them in your free time which allows you to get the money that you need without having to juggle work, family and friends. If you are looking to get into survey taking in Fresno CA, we have the information that you need to get started. There are two main types of surveys available and we suggest that you do both. We will start with the in person variety.

In Person Surveys

A better term for this type of survey is a discussion panel. These are put together by local Fresno businesses to discuss new products, services, advertising campaigns, etc. The good thing about discussion panels is that they pay rather well. The bad thing about them is that the work is hard to get and the jobs are few between. The higher pay makes it competitive to get a survey. You also have to go to their location at a given time to do them, so they are less convenient. It is still worth trying, and maybe you will get lucky. So, get your name on company databases and maybe you will be contacted. Here are a few to get you going.

  • AIS Market Research
  • Nichols Research

Online Surveys

If you need to get going right away and you need the flexibility of being able to do the work when you have the time, then online surveys are for you. Sure, they pay less than the discussion panel but the work is very plentiful. This means that you can make up for it in volume. Plus, you can do them whenever you want and wherever you want as long as you have an internet connection. To get started, put together a list of good websites (you will be able to spot the scam websites easily once you get going) and develop a routine. Look at the websites at the top of this page to see what good websites look like.

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