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Survey Taking Jobs

Garland StudiesIf you need to make extra money but have a busy schedule, there are few better ways to earn it than with survey taking jobs. Paid surveys take little time to do and can provide you with a terrific source of additional income. At Big Dog Surveys, we urge people to get into survey taking and to do both types of surveys. In person surveys and online surveys combined, can give you a good source of income that is reliable and that you can count on. Keep reading and learn how to get started with both types of surveys.

In Person Surveys

First, we will start with in person surveys. This type of survey pays the best. You can make over $25 an hour at times doing in person surveys. The only negative about this type of work is that it is hard to get. There are a limited number of discussion groups out there and getting selected to attend one often requires an inside connection. This is why we suggest that you try for this type of wok, but make it part of an overall survey taking plan. To get started, put your name on as many Garland area market research databases as you can and cross your fingers. Here are some good ones to start with.

  • C & C Market Research
  • Opinions Unlimited

Online Surveys

Online survey taking will be the dependable part of your survey plan. Think of online surveys as the meal and in person ones as the dessert. The great thing about this type of work is that it can be done anywhere and it is plentiful. True, it does pay less than in person survey taking but it can be made up for with volume. It is not hard, for example, to do 10 or even 20 surveys in one sitting. All it takes is a little concentration and for you to develop a good routine. Once you familiarize yourself with this type of work, you will be able to knock surveys out very quickly. To get started, you will need to find a good list of survey websites. Avoid the scam websites that try to charge you to join. They should be paying you after all. The sites on out top website list above do not charge you for access.

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