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Top Paid Studies in Indianapolis

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Working In Surveys

Indianapolis Paid StudiesIf you are interested in a part time job that will fit in with the most demanding schedule, you have just found it. Paid survey taking jobs in Indianapolis are the best way to make the additional income that you need without the headaches and hassles. They will not replace a full time income, but they can give you the money that you need to make ends meet or to be able to go out on the town a little more. This page will give you the information that you need to get started in survey taking, both in person and online.

In Person Survey Taking

These surveys are better known as discussion panels and they are used by companies to get consumer opinions on products, services, advertising campaigns and more. Thrown by local Indianapolis market research companies, they require you to come to their business office at a specific time to participate. The obvious disadvantage to this type of survey is that you have to go to them at a specific time, making them less convenient. They make up for this though with a high rate of pay, often around $25 an hour. Because of this high level of pay though, they are also hard to get. Many of the jobs will go to those who have an inside connection. Because of this, you should try for them, but do them in addition to online surveys. To get started, you will need to place your name on some local databases, you can start with these.

  • Herron Associates
  • Strategic Marketing & Research

Online Survey Taking

Online survey taking, you will find, will be the bread and butter of your survey taking career. They have a lot of advantages such as being convenient to take and plentiful. They pay less than in person surveys do, but this is easily made up for with volume. That is the key to making money with online surveys, volume. To do as many surveys as possible in a short time, you should have a good list of websites and should develop a routine. Always be looking for quality sites to add to your list and be wary of scam sites. Scam sites are easy to spot once you are in the business for a while (hint, never pay for access). Look for websites like those on our top survey website list, located at the top of this page.

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