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Top Paid Studies in Kansas City

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Learn About Kansas City Survey Work

Kansas City StudiesAre you interested in getting involved in paid survey taking? Survey jobs are a great way to get the extra money that you want or need without the inconvenience of a traditional part time job in Kansas City. They allow you to earn good money without having to juggle your regular job, family and friends. Keep reading and learn ab0ut the two types of survey work available and how to get started.

In Person Survey Taking

Most people want to start with in person survey work in Kansas City and for good reason. This type of work often pays more than $25 an hour for your time. This makes it very lucrative. Good pay comes with a catch though. The job will require a time obligation from you. You will have to go to their location, at a certain time to participate in the survey or discussion group. The high pay also attracts a lot of candidates. This means that getting the work can be tough. This is why we urge people to do in person surveys in conjunction with online ones. To get started with in person surveys, you will need to get your name on market research company databases . Start with these.

  • Heakin Research
  • Persuadable Research Corporation

Online Survey Taking

If you need steady money and you want to get started right away, online surveys is where it is at. You may have heard some bad opinions on online surveys but these are usually people who have fallen for survey scam websites. These are easy to avoid if you are wary, hint, never pay for access to a website. Online surveys do pay less than the in person type, but there are a few tricks to make up for this. For starters, you need to concentrate when you take the surveys. Avoid distractions and you can power through a lot in a hurry. Second, you need to get a good list of websites to go to. This will allow you to do many surveys in quick succession. Once you develop a routine, you should be able to do 10 or even 20 surveys each day. Get started now with some of the links at the top of the page.