Top Paid Studies in Miami

Our Top Picks [Updated January 2020]

  • SwagBucks One of the originals in the paid survey market, they are always looking for survey takers. So much in fact that they offer a bonus just for signing up.
  • Survey Junkie Survey Junkie is one of the most trusted names in the survey industry with a community of over 10 million strong. Get paid to make a real difference influencing the products of tomorrow.

About Miami Survey Taking Jobs

Miami StudiesFinding a part time job in Miami that fits your busy life can be difficult at best. Most jobs pay low money and conflict with your other obligations like your full time job, family or friends. There is one notable exception though and it is survey taking. Paid surveys, both in person and online can get you the money that you need and will fit into your schedule nicely. Keep reading and learn how to get started with Miami paid survey taking.

In Person Surveys

First, let’s look into in person surveys, also known as discussion panels. Everybody wants to do these because they pay well. It is not unheard of to make in excess of $25 an hour participating in them. They do have several problems though, like the fact that you have to go to their location. at their time. This makes them harder to fit into a schedule. They are also few and far between and in high demand. This makes them hard to get, so we feel that in person survey taking should be done in addition to the online variety. To get invited to discussion groups, you will need to get on some Miami databases. Here is a great place to start.

Online Surveys

Online surveys have a lot of advantages and are what most people wind up doing. The chief advantage is that you can do them at any time, anywhere. All you need is access to a computer and a few minutes of downtime. They are also much easier to get than the in person variety because they are in abundance. You could be taking online surveys in just a matter of minutes. There is one disadvantage to them though and that is that they pay less. This is quickly made up for with volume so the key to making money is to have a good list of websites.  Ready to get started making money? Check out our top website list at the top.

Miami Survey News & Tips

  • Swagbucks is currently offering a $5 sign up bonus. Easy money, why not swing by and claim your rewards now. Then stick around and collect a few extra dollars cherry picking some of the best surveys.
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  1. Hi my name is ledall and I’m interested in focus group I work lawn service but it’s been very slow and I have a family to provide for 1son that’s 12 years old and a wife and to dogs and I love to provide and take care of my household that’s what I suppose to do,I could participate in any studies or focus groups you’ll have thank you


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