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Survey Taking Advice

Welcome to Big Dog Surveys. If you are here, you are looking to get into paid market research studies. It can be a gra source of part time income if you know what to do. We can help make this both a reliable and profitable source of income for you. Let’s get started.

First, we recommend that you do both in person and online work. The in person work pays well but is hard to get so the online work will be your bread and butter. To get started, you just need a good website to get work from. The more websites that you have the better but we suggest that you start with Survey Junkie. They have a good reputation and have proven to be reliable. You can join them here.

Once you sign up, you can get right to work earning. We suggest that you do two things though. First, confirm your email so that they open up more work to you. Then, when you get a chance, complete your profile. Do that and you will get even more work and it is more likely to be interesting to you.

More On Online Work

The sure thing in the survey world is the online survey. These jobs are plentiful and easy to get. They can also be done anywhere that you have computer access. The downside is that these jobs pay less than in person work. To counter this, you will simply need to do more of them. Practice, practice and practice and you can greatly decrease your per survey time. This will allow you to complete as many as ten surveys in an hour, which is when you start making good money. To take advantage of this speed, you need to have a good survey site list to work with. Always be adding websites to your list. Such as the one listed above.

Survey Taking Tips

  1. Choose a quiet work space.
    Turn off the TV and concentrate on your paid surveys to really increase your speed.
  2. Have a separate browser folder for surveys.
    This will allow you to open all of them at once in tabs.
  3. Make a separate email account for surveys.
    This not only protects your personal account from spam but also allows you to keep all survey information organized in one place.
  4. Learn to skim questions.
    With a little practice, you can learn to skim questions and know what they are asking.
  5. Watch out for trick questions.
    Especially when skimming, look out for trick questions that tell you to enter a certain answer.

In Person Work

This is what most people want to do because in person research work or focus group work is interesting and pays very well. These jobs are paid for by local Mobile market research firms in order to get consumer opinions on upcoming products and services. These jobs are in high demand which does make them hard to get. That is the chief drawback to this type of work. You really need to know someone to get a job in many cases. Still, you might be able to sneak in there if you fit a unique demographic or if you just have a little luck. To get started with focus groups, you need to get your name on as many company databases as you can. Here are some that you can start with.

  1. Graham & Associates
    (251) 471-0059
  2. Research Strategies
    (251) 660-2910

In Conclusion

Surveys and paid market research studies are a great way to make additional money on the side. The key is to know what you are getting into in the beginning and set your expectations correctly. Will you get rich from this work, no. Can you make a nice supplemental income of several hundred dollars a month, yes. That makes them worthwhile, especially since you can do the work whenever you want and wherever you are. It really is one of the ultimate part time jobs online.

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