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Taking Surveys For Money

Montgomery StudiesSurvey taking is a terrific way to make additional money. Most part time jobs pay little and can be quite inconvenient, taking you away from your family and friends. Survey taking, on the other hand, can get you the additional money that you need without terrible time constraints. Most of them can be done anywhere and at any time letting you decide when you want to work. As far as surveys go, you have two main choices and we feel that you should take advantage of both of them. Those choices are in person work and online work. First, in person work.

In Person Surveys

These will be more commonly referred to as focus groups and they are assembled and hosted by local Montgomery market research firms. Companies pay these market research firms to assemble groups in order to review upcoming products and services. Your opinion will be used to shape the final version of these products and services that the general public will see. These groups are very fun to participate in and they also pay very well. Because of these two facts though, these jobs are extremely hard to get. Most people who find this type of work know someone at the research firm. Still, even if you do not have an inside source, you should try to get this type of survey work. To do that, you need to get your name on as many databases as you can. Here are a few local companies that you can call to request to be added.

  • Anzalone Research
    (334) 387-3121
  • Nolan Research
    (334) 284-4164

Online Surveys

Online survey taking can offer something that in person work just can not, steady income. The work is plentiful and everyone can get it. True, they do pay less but this can be made up for with volume. With a little practice, you will learn to skim questions instead of reading them fully. Surveys are all a little similar so with experience, you will get what they are asking without reading every word. It is not hard to knock out five or even ten surveys an hour by doing this and then you can make some good money. In addition to experience, you will also need a good survey list from which to pull surveys. Always be adding new websites to your list and keep it organized. If you are ready to give it a try, there are a few good websites at the top of the page.

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