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About New York Survey Jobs

Need to make some extra money but don’t know how to fit a part time job into your busy schedule? If so, you should consider paid survey taking. Yes, you truly can make good money by simply taking paid surveys in New York. There are two types of surveys available to you, in person or discussion panels and online surveys. At Paid Survey 123, we feel the best approach is to do both. Here is what you need to know in order to get started.

In Person Surveys

NYC Paid StudiesDiscussion panels will be put together by local New York market research firms. The goal is to discuss upcoming products, services and advertising campaigns and give companies feedback. Expect to have to go to the location of the market research company at a set time and expect to be observed. Yes, someone will be behind that mirror watching. The great thing about this type of survey is that the pay is high. You can make $25 an hour or more. The downside is that these jobs are hard to get, often requiring you to know someone, and they are not regular. You might get a job one week and then wait two months for another. This is why we feel these jobs are worth pursuing, but should be part of a bigger plan. To get started in in person surveys, get your name on market research databases. Here are a few to begin with.

  • Advanced Focus
  • Focus Pointe

Online Surveys

This is probably what most people think about when you mention survey taking. With online surveys, you need to be careful to avoid the scam sites. These are easily spotted after you get into the business. Never pay for access to a website. The good things about online survey taking is that they can be done anywhere, at any time and that there are plenty of them. They will give you the regular work that you need. Sure, they pay less than the in person version but this can be countered with volume. It is not difficult to literally do dozens of these surveys every day. All you have to do is be organized and keep a list of good websites. Websites like those on our top website list.

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