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Norfolk Survey Jobs

Norfolk StudiesPaid survey taking jobs are one of the best ways to earn extra money in Norfolk. They allow you to earn a good income without eating into your precious free time. If you are thinking about getting into this type of work, we can help. Below you will find information on both in person and online survey taking. Both are important and are valuable so we feel that you should combine both of these types of work in your survey taking plan in order to reach your goals. Keep reading and learn how to get involved with both types of surveys.

In Person Surveys

First, let’s begin with in person surveys or focus groups. Everyone wants to do this type of work and for a very good reason. It pays well. In person work will pay far more than online surveys but this comes with a cost, competition. There are few of these jobs around and many people competing for the work. This means that your chances of landing one of these jobs is not the greatest. This is why we feel that you should do both types of surveys. Try for the in person work, but don’t depend on it. You will use online surveys for steady income. To get started with in person surveys, put your name on as many Norfolk, VA market research databases as possible. Here are some good ones to start with.

  • Continental Research
  • Issues & Answers

Online Surveys

Firstinally, let’s talk about online survey taking. This will be your main, dependable source of income. There is lots of this work to go around so you can do as much of it as you want and everyone can get work. You can also do this type of work anywhere, so it is much more convenient to busy schedules. There is one downside though, the work pays less per survey. This means that you will need to do more surveys to make good money. This is not a problem if you develop an efficient routine and make a good list of legitimate websites to turn to. Your list is the most important thing to your success, so keep editing your list and adding good sites while deleting unproductive ones. Ready to get started? Check out the top survey website list at the top.

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