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Answering questions on a Sacramento paid survey.

Getting Started With Paid Research Jobs

Paid research studies are a great way to make an extra income in Sacramento. That being said, there are some things that you need to know to be successful.

For starters, you will need to do two types of studies. In person work or focus group work is great but it is infrequent. The real bread and butter work is online. Use both methods to make a complete part time income.

To get started with the online work, all that you need is a few good websites to pull work from. There are many good ones and even more bad ones. We suggest that you start with a website like Survey Junkie. It has a good reputation and an extensive support community. You can join them for free here.

Once you have joined, simply confirm your email and go to work. Yes, they will pay you in points but you can trade those in for PayPal cards which is as good as cash and you may even be able to transfer them to your PayPal account and withdraw the money to your checking.

Why Do Online Survey Work?

If you are interested in making a great side income in Sacramento? Survey taking is one of the best ways to make that money. It is an often overlooked part time job but one that has some huge benefits over traditional part time employment. Here are a few of the benefits.

  1. You can do them on your time.
    You can do survey work at any time of day and anywhere you are. All that you need is access to the internet and a computer, tablet or a smartphone. Got a little free time, do a survey online.
  2. No need to apply.
    Everyone is accepted. You do not need to apply or interview for a job. If you are reading this now, you have everything you need to do the work. Your hired.
  3. Make us much as you want.
    How much money you make is up to you. You can work as little or as much as you need. Need more money this month, no need to ask for extra hours, just do more surveys.

Why Not Get Started

Have I convinced you? Yes, great then let’s get started. Success in this line of work depends on finding the right websites. Avoid the scam websites and you will make money. In general, avoid the websites that try to charge you for access or that are loaded with ads. Choose clean websites that are free and get you right to the work. We like Survey Junkie as a starting point. Choose survey websites like that one.

After you sign up for a website, be sure to take the time and complete your profile and confirm your email. Letting them know that you are real will cause them to send you better work In addition, if you complete your profile, you will get more surveys that relate to you. This will enable you to enjoy the work more and help you get through it faster.

That is really all that there is to survey taking in Sacramento. From here on out, just practice and learn to increase your speed. With a little experience, you will be able to skim questions and learn what they are asking quicker. An experienced paid survey taker can do literally dozens of surveys in a single session. Imagine the income possibilities then.

What About In Person Studies

If you are still interested in in person work, there are also some things that you need to know to get started.

First, know that it is hard to get this type of survey work. Most jobs tend to go to those with connections. Still, you might be able to land a job and this is what you need to do. Get on as many lists as you can.

Contact every market research company that you can and ask to be added to their database. Many will allow you to do this on their website. With others you may have to call.

Once on the lists, all that you have to do is wait. You might get a call or you might not. If you do, feel lucky because you are one of the few. If not you will need to make your money exclusively online. Don’t worry, you can make a nice part time income with just online work.

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