Top Paid Studies in San Antonio

#1. My Points
First on our list is My Points, where you can take surveys and monetize other things you do online. Get money for doing paid studies, playing games, watching movies and more.
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#2. Swagbucks
Second is Swagbucks which is a bit like MyPoints. Earn money with surveys and everything else you do online. They are offering a $5 bonus for signing up right now.
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#3. Survey Junkie
In third place, you have Survey Junkie. This website has a following of over 3 million and represents a lot of major brands that you are familiar with.
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Part Time Pay For Surveys & Studies

San Antonio Paid StudiesIf you are in need of some part time income in San Antonio TX you should give some real thought to paid survey taking. It is a great way to make the extra funds that you need and is convenient to most peoples schedules. These jobs will not replace a full time income, but they can definitely help you make ends meet or allow you to enjoy your life more. When it comes to the world of surveys, there are two types, in person and online. I will talk about both.

In Person Surveys

Better known in the industry as discussion panels, this type of in person survey is put together by San Antonio market research companies. The downside to this type of work is that it is hard to come by and it is less convenient than other types of survey taking. Most of the jobs will go to people with a connection to the company and you must go to there location to take the survey. Still, they pay very well so you should give some thought to discussion panels. It is not uncommon to make more than $20 an hour by participating in a session so you might as well try to get on some databases. Who knows, you might luck out. Here are a few companies to start with.

  • Galloway Research Services
  • SA Research

Online Surveys

When people think of survey taking, this is probably what they think of. Online surveys are very common and have many advantages. They are easy to get in to and you can do them wherever you are. All you need is a computer or tablet connected to the internet. The only down side to this online work is that they pay less. If you develop a routine though, you can make up for this in volume. You could easily take dozens of surveys every day with these websites and make some good money. Just start a list of good websites and try to add more whenever you can. We have helped you out with a few good ones at the top of the page.

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