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Paid Survey Taking Jobs

San Bernardino StudiesIf you are looking for a nice part time income in San Bernardino, one of the most convenient choices is survey taking. In person surveys or focus groups and online work can get you the money that you need to make ends meet or to buy some much needed luxuries. And, the best part is that they easily fit into most peoples schedules and are much more fun that the typical part time job. If you are ready to get into survey taking, we are here to get you started in the right direction. Keep reading and learn about the various types of surveys that you can take and how to get the work.

In Person Surveys

To get started, I will talk about in person work or focus groups. This is what most people want to do and for good reason. This type of work pays well and is actually quite fun to do. These focus groups are assembled by local San Bernardino market research companies in order to get your opinions on upcoming products and services. There are a few drawbacks to in person work though. For starters, you will need to go to a set location at a set time so it might not fit everyones schedule. In addition, this work can be hard to get. The high demand for the jobs and low availability of positions means that you almost need to have an inside connection to get work. Still, it is worth the attempt and here is how you get started. You need to call as many market research firms as you can and get added to their databases. Then, cross your fingers. Here are some companies to get you started.

  • Heakin Research
    (951) 653-3200
  • C&C Market Research
    (909) 980-5862

Online Surveys

You will find that online surveys are far easier to get and the work is much more consistent. Combined with in person work, they will give you the pay you are looking for and the dependability that you need. The best thing about them is that they can also be done whenever and wherever you are. The one drawback of online work is that it pays less but this can easily be overcome with volume. With a little practice, you can become quite efficient at survey taking and while it might take you ten minutes to complete a survey at the beginning, you might be able to knock them out in five minutes after a month. That can allow you to do ten or twelve surveys in an hour which is when you can start making some good money, so don’t give up. To do that many surveys though, you need to have a good list of survey websites to choose from. Keep a database of survey websites, easily done by utilizing tabs in your browser. You should also constantly be looking for new websites, there are dozens of quality ones out there. Give it a little time and you will have a nice money producing system. When you are ready to get going, check out our top website list above.

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