Make Money With Surveys in Tampa

Taking paid surveys is perhaps the easiest way to make extra money in Tampa. You can do them anywhere you like and at any time of day. IT obviously beats any other part time job in the city. Continue reading to learn about the opportunity or get started right now with our top pick below.

Our Top Pick [Updated July 2020]

  • Swagbucks Swagbucks is one of the most trusted names in paid surveys and they have a number of tools that can help you make money. Do paid surveys, watch videos and even play games and earn. They are also currently giving away sign up bonuses for new accounts.

Making Extra Money In Tampa

Tampa StudiesThe first thing that you need to do is join a good survey website or websites. Choose ones like those above that have a history of paying well. Never sign up for sites that charge you for access. Once you register, you will be asked to do two things. You will need to confirm your email, this is mandatory. You will also be asked to complete a profile and this is usually optional. The benefit of doing it though is that you can get matched to better surveys.

Once you are done registering, you can start selecting surveys to do. Choose the ones that pay the most for the least amount of time. When you complete a survey, you will be paid in points. Once you have enough points, you exchange them for money and/or gift cards.

Making Money With Surveys

So, what kind of money are we talking about here? It is not a fortune, but you can expect to make $100 to $500 a month doing survey work. Not bad for work that you can do whenever you want.

Focus Groups in Tampa

The cream of the crop in the survey world is in person surveys or focus groups. Focus groups are wonderful because they pay the most money for your time, and they pay cash usually. It is not uncommon to make $20 or even $30 an hour taking in person surveys. The catch to this is that it can be hard to find these jobs. Most Tampa market research firms tend to stick to there dependable regulars and to break in, you often have to know someone. Another problem with these surveys is that you have to go to their facility at their time. This makes them far less flexible. It is still worthwhile trying to get involved with this type of work, so try to get your names on as many lists as possible. Here are a few that you can start with.

  • Nobles Research
  • Plaza Research

Getting Started With Focus Groups

Like I said above, the name of the game is getting added to databases. The more you get on, the better your odds. This can be a tough area to break into so be patient.

If you are selected to participate, you will be given a date and time to show up for a group meeting. Most of the time, the meeting will be held at the facility of the Tampa market research company. When you arrive, you and the rest of the group will be presented with a product, service or ad campaign to review. Most of these meetings will be recorded and possibly viewed live by the companies sponsoring them.

Getting Paid For Focus Groups

The money for this kind of work is pretty good and in the Tampa area, you can expect to earn $30 to $100 for a focus group appearance. The longer the meeting lasts and the more unique your demographic, the more you may earn.

The only problem with the money from focus groups is that it is sporadic. It is hard to get started in this business and you will never be able to depend on regular income from it. If you want a steady part time income, look into paid studies and surveys.

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