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Topeka Survey Jobs

Topeka StudiesMarket research jobs are a great way to make some nice part time income. When it comes to part time jobs in the Topeka market research field, you have two basic choices. There is in person work and online work. Both types of work have their pros and cons, so lets take a closer look at them.

In Person Survey Work

This is what most people in Topeka want to do, in person survey work. These jobs are better known as focus groups and they are in demand because, quite frankly, they pay well. You can earn over $40 an hour by participating in these groups and they are quite fun to do. The only downside is that this work is hard to get. There are few jobs available and because of that high pay I just mentioned, they are in demand. Competition is fierce so you often need to know somebody to get hired. Still, you should give it a try so here is what you need to do. Get your name on as many market research company databases as you possibly can. Here are a few good ones to start with. Good luck.

  • ASA Marketing Group
    (785) 273-5411
  • Persuadable Research Corporation
    (913) 385-1700

Online Survey Work

For reliable work, nothing beats online survey taking. Online jobs have gotten a bad rap because of the scam websites that exist, but if you know what to look for, you can easily avoid these websites. The great thing about working online is that you can do the work anywhere, anytime and it can be done by anyone. There is so much work available out there that you could be doing surveys and earning in just minutes if you want to. The downside to online work is that it pays less than local focus groups. You can make up for this though if you just use the power of volume. With a little experience and a few good websites to pull work from, you can knock out dozens of surveys at a time. This will allow you to  make a nice income in your part time. Want to give it a try? Check out the great sites at the top of the page.

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