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  • Survey Junkie Survey Junkie is one of the most trusted names in the survey industry with a community of over 10 million strong. Get paid to make a real difference influencing the products of tomorrow.

More About Survey Jobs

If you are looking for a good part time job, you should give some though to the world of market research. Companies need your opinions and they are willing to pay you for them. When it comes to paid studies, you have two options, in person and online. Lets look at both types.

In Person Survey Work

Visalia StudiesMost people want to do this type of work because it pays the best. In person surveys or discussion groups pay very well for your time and are fun to do. You get to interact with other people and review products and services that haven’t even been released yet. The downside to this type of work is that it is very hard to get. The high pay and limited availability of the work means that competition is high for jobs. You need to know someone most of the time in order to get a job. This does not mean that you should not try for this type of work though, because you could get lucky. To get started, add your name to market research databases. Here are a couple to get you started.

  • AIS Market Research, Inc.
    (559) 252-2727
  • Nichols Research Inc
    (559) 226-3100

Online Survey Work

If you want a steady source of income, you want to concentrate on online paid surveys. They are plentiful, easy to get and quick to do. The only downside is that they pay less than in person work but you can overcome this with volume. Because of the high number of available surveys and the ease at which you can do them, you can easily knock out dozens of surveys in a single sitting. All you need to do is develop an efficient routine and put together a good list of quality websites to draw surveys from. Want to give it a try? Begin with the websites on our top website list above.

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