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Tallahassee Area Survey Employment

Tallahassee StudiesIf you are looking to make some good part time income, you are at the right place. Paid studies and surveys can get you the money that you need to make ends meet or to buy the extra things in life. I will be honest with you, you will not make a fortune with survey taking in Tallahassee but you can make a nice income. Ready to get started? Great. When it comes to surveys you can do in person work or online work. Both are great and you should combine both types to get a reliable income.

In Person Studies

Let’s start with in person work. This type of work is provided by local Tallahassee market research companies. They put groups together to discuss national and local products and services. The good thing about doing these surveys is that they pay well. The negative is that they are hard to get and they are not regular. Still, you should try to get this type of work. To do so you simply beed to get on market research company databases. Call as many companies as you can and ask to get added. Here are a few to get you started.

  1. Oppenheim Research
    (850) 201-0480
  2. Bonn Marketing Research
    (850) 567-1826

Online Studies

Online work is provided by national market research companies to discuss national products and services. The great thing about this work is that it is easy to get, it is dependable and it is in great supply. The downside is that they pay less per survey but, because of the amount of work available, you can make it up in volume. All you need to do is get good at survey taking, that is get fast and get a good list of survey websites to draw work from. Beware of the scam sites that try to charge you. You can find some good websites at the top of this page.

Quick Survey Tips

  1. Concentrate, Concentrate, Concentrate
    The less distracted you are, the more surveys you can do. The faster you take surveys, the more you make per hour. A little concentration could take you from $5 an hour to $40 an hour.
  2. Set Aside Time
    Set aside a certain time to do your survey work and stick to your schedule. If you develop a routine, you will become efficient.
  3. Make A Browser Folder For Surveys
    Keep all of your survey websites in one folder. This will allow you to open all of your sites in tabs and make you faster.

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