The Truth About Surveys

Truth About Paid Surveys

When people first look into survey taking for money, they often fall victim to the hype. This is because some affiliates are constantly exaggerating the money that you can expect. They, after all, just want you to sign up so that they can get their commission.

You are not going to find any hype here. In fact, you are going to hear the hard truth. Here are some true statements about surveys and survey websites.

1. Most people will not make hundreds of dollars a month doing surveys.

It would be extremely difficult for the average person to make this kind of money a month. You would have to devoteĀ  many hours a day to it and, quite frankly, there are better ways to make a dollar.

You can, however, learn to make a steady 50 to 100 dollars a month doing this kind of work. That might be enough to pay your phone bill or perhaps save up for a big purchase or vacation.

Now, I know, 50 to 100 dollars does not sound like much money, but consider how you will be earning it. You can do this kind of work at any time and any place. This means that you can do them while watching television, while riding the bus or when you are trying to kill time at the DMV.

Surveys allow you to turn idle time into profitable time.

2. Most surveys pay less than 2 dollars or 200 points.

You are not going to find a lot of high dollar surveys. The ones that pay 50 dollars or more simply do not exist.

The average surveys is about a buck and will take about 15 to 20 minutes to complete. That means that if you were to go straight from one survey to another, highly unlikely, you would make about 3 to 4 dollars an hour.

Once again, 3 to 4 dollars an hour is not a lot of money but this is turning idle time into profitable time.

3. Surveys do not pay you in cash.

Not exactly at least.

Paid survey companies pay you in points, that you exchange for gift cards. The gift cards can be for places that you shop often or can even be PayPal gift cards. With that last option, you can simply transfer the money to your PayPal account.

Why gift cards. Well, I suspect it is because they get a discount from the retailers for the card .You get a card worth 10 dollars but they likely pay less for it.

In addition, by using the point system to buy these cards, it makes it seem like you are earning more. It sound better to say that you earn 50 points than it does to say you earned 50 cents.

4. You can make 100 dollars in a day with survey websites, but not with surveys.

I know this doesn’t make sense on the surface, but it is true.

You can make 100 dollars or more in a single day but not by doing survey work. Companies like Swagbucks allow you to earn high rewards by signing up for memberships, trials or by purchasing products.

You might find a 10,000 point ($100) reward for opening a bank account or a 5000 point ($50) reward for signing up for a free trial.

If you want to make larger amounts of money, this is how you do it. You do it by accepting offers and not doing surveys. Just be careful and make sure that any potential cost is worth the reward.

5. You will have to deal with advertisements.

Survey websites can give you these gift certificates because they are making money off of you. It is simple as that, they are not charities.

This means that you will face advertising, so just deal with it. If you want to make some money, you will have to realize that this is part of the deal.

Of course, the more advertising you face, the more annoying it can become. The better websites are a little more discreet about things. If you find a website is doing nothing but marketing to you, move on. Lots of other good websites out there.

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