Vindale Research Review

As part of my job here on this website, I have to periodically review websites. This allows me to make recommendations for our visitors on which websites are worth visiting and which ones are a waste of time. I recently had a chance to spend some time on the website of Vindale Research. What follows is my opinion of the website. Keep reading and learn about whether, in my opinion, this site is a deal or a dud.

The Sign Up ProcessSigning up for the website was easy, a little too easy. This raised the first red flag. How are they going to match you to surveys with minimal information, especially the high paying surveys that they advertise on the main page. Once in the website, you can quickly make $2 by completing your profile, about a dozen questions. Within two minutes, I was signed up and had $2 in my account. A pretty good start, but things quickly went downhill.

Earning Money
Upon entering the website, it is clear that they are far more interested in having you sign u for other services and other survey websites than in actually taking surveys. The surveys that they did have were rather low paying for the amount of time involved and were nothing like what was advertised on the main page. Trying a few surveys, I quickly found that I was caught in the loop of “you did not qualify for this survey, but try this one.”

Final Opinion
My opinion of the website is that it is not worth my time or your time. I would avoid it in favor of more productive and honest survey websites. You would be much better off visiting a website like Swagbucks, which is my favorite website to date.

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